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1yr post amputaton milestone achieved

I am eternally grateful and thankful to GOD that my girl Neka has made it to her 1yr post amputation and OSA cancer dx.  1yr ago on 12-10-14.10-27-14

3 leg happy hug 10-27-14

3 leg happy hug

upside down.. the way I like it

upside down.. the way I like it

Aside from tiny lung mets that are holding stable at only 1.5mm only visible on CT scan,  with no physical symptoms noted, I am more than ecstatic.

As of this moment we have beaten all those statistics and odds read to us. I just felt in my heart of hearts that regardless of all these numbers researched and thrown at me I had to try.

I hope her story  gives hope and inspiration for someone who is not sure what to do and devastated by the “thought” of an amputation. Its a leg for a life. A leg for a life!!! doesn’t seem so hard when you put it that way. It amazes me that an amputation is harder for people to wrap their brains around than the thought of saving a life. But sometimes you need to hear it out loud.

Don’t get me wrong, Our situation wasn’t cut and dry because of my concern of her knees. but with some extra attention creative approaches to slippery floors and common sense approach about safety when ambulating, she was given life, a great wonderful life!!

Thank you, thank you.

Love you lots and lots every day.

My beautiful heart and soul.


~ by neka03 on December 14, 2014 .

3 Responses to “1yr post amputaton milestone achieved”

  1.   Paula (Dobemom) Says:

    Congratulations! And well said. I wish I had used that expression “a leg for a life” when tying to explain to doubters why we were doing this. Thank you for your story.

  2.   leland4 Says:

    Way to go Neka and Congrats on your 1 year Ampuversary!

    You are definitely an inspiration to other Tripawds and their parents. Amputation is not the end of the world for our precious pups…it’s a chance to continue living!!

    I so love your statement “a leg for a life”. When put like that it’s a no brainer!

    Keep going strong sweet Neka!!
    Sahana and her Angel Leland

  3.   jerry Says:

    YAAAYYYY! This is such a huge, amazing and beautiful milestone! We are so hoppy for you both and wish you many, many more ampuversaries. Thank you for being here to help others along the way, you are amazing!

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