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July 4th -Another Bday in heaven

• July 11, 2018

hello my warrior I cant believe its my 2nd year without you, when it still feels so fresh. though I have been absent from your blog for quite some time, the weight I carry is never absent and still – not one day that goes by that I don’t think of you and miss you […]

Just remembering you on your birthday

• July 4, 2017

To my girl, as the 4th of July is such an obvious memorial day, I also draw to memories of you, I cant believe its been a year since you had to go; smiles and tears overwhelm me, so much love pours through my heart, I laugh and cry, I don’t know which is greater. […]

1yr ago

• April 5, 2017

To my warrior, I cannot believe its been a year since I’ve lost you, as it feels like you were just next to me…like we were still fighting cancer yesterday. Some of my days are so long yet the year has been so short, my heart still aches for you at a level that comes […]

happy birthday my Neka angel

• July 4, 2016

to my precious heart and soul,  I miss you more than any words can say   you’d be officially 13 today!!. I miss you with ALL of my heart and soul. the hole in my heart and my life  is still so soo deep so raw, so eternal. ..but I pray, I pray you are […]

Cool Portriat pics

• March 13, 2016

So I had a painting done of Neka by a really cool artist at I love that he uses color as accents in the face of the fur-baby. His paintings were just really unique, they really spoke to me and made me instantly think of  Neka & all tripawds, as they are all full […]

Kinda frustrated…

• March 8, 2016

So I started out writing a very, very, very log post.. regarding my not so impressive consult with an onco that I only saw a couple of times.. But i decided not to and deleted the whole thing, so to just sum it up to say.. Do not settle!!. There is a balance with not […]

update oral pathology report…histiocytic vs Hemangiosarcoma

• March 1, 2016

Neither one is good. well the pathology report is in…Nekas oral mass is malignant neoplasia with mitotic count 22 per 10 high pwr fields…not clean.. which we really already suspected because he just took off the surface mass…. Officially is an Anaplastic sarcoma either a histiocytic or Hemangiosarcoma of unknown origin… so I can have […]

just some more love & fun

• February 29, 2016

So, we had a bit of an annoying possible scare/added challenge to our life. Possible oral mass, out for bx as we speak, not good, I will update on that with pics in a few days with results, but for now I just want to share love and life.    

my Valentine… plus some snow fun!!

• February 15, 2016


Forty in Feb in the midwest with some fun!!… whoa!!

• February 2, 2016

Just an update on what loving life looks like!! Oh and a strange 40+ degrees in Feb..(for the midwest)