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Archive for December, 2015

just thought we’d say Hi!!

• December 29, 2015

no xmas pics yet…lol.. but just wanted to say Hi to everyone! mom took my stitches out xmas eve from my thorascopic procedure.. and the irony is 2 years ago to same date;  I had my amputation stitches removed.. very, very freaky.. but grateful as well..this pic was clearly before our midwest ice storm:)  

4 days post Emergency

• December 16, 2015

Just wanted to post a little update as everyone was so supportive to me and my girl and I appreciated it immensely. She is doing really great.. all things considering. She of course is hopping around normal but actually gets the whole, me trying to have her conserve energy so she lays down and barks […]


• December 13, 2015

We are home after a LOONG 3 days. Weve been home for about 4 hours and she is doing ok. We did a sedative in the car with her pain meds, because this thing keeps happening from excitement.. uug..increase HR, increase BP, increase bleeding..IDK makes sense even though no one really said that. She ate […]

surgery complete…

• December 12, 2015

So after a 17 hour day, I am home for the night.. After sooo much contemplation. I opted for the thoracascopically entrance to her pericardium. It took me like 6 hours to decide this today.. yes thats correct 6 hours.. but I sat with her the whole time. I heard the surgeon and the onco […]

cant catch a break…

• December 10, 2015

So i sit here alone in a hotel next to the specialty hospital and all i can think is everyone here can relate. My girl had another episode out of the blue this AM, right after we got to the stable, she hopped out of the car as normal, hopped into the barn and layed […]

1 and 2 days after ER..crazy to know somethings eating her insides.

• December 7, 2015

These are from 1 & 2 days after the ER ordeal. Hard to look into that face and know I almost lost her about 3 days ago. Despite everything she bounced back and aside from being tired (totally expected) mentally and her personality are great. Friday we have our consult with onco and surgeon to […]

our emergency update

• December 5, 2015

First thank you everybody for your support and prayers. Brought Neka home today about 12pm. She is acting completely normal, just really tired because she only slept here and there over night, probably due to all the commotion. But she stayed stable over night HR and BP all stayed completely normal and they re-ultrasounded her […]

Need some prayers…fast and strong… cant believe a 3rd cancer???

• December 4, 2015

Hello my friends, we are in need of strong, strong prayers. Today we were driving with a friend, a friend that my girl loves, loves. My girl was get all worked up, which I contributed to being excited/anxious, a bit out of character as but she pulled it few times over the last month. Well […]

2yrs and going strong..HOPE-FAITH-LOVE

• December 2, 2015

Hello my friends its been a while. My mom has been super busy.. but don’t be mistaken, never too busy for me. I am feeling blessed, I am 2 yrs post OSA dx and 2 yrs since my amputation on the 10th of this month, but I couldn’t wait, I wanted to share with everybody […]