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Inspire to have some faith..Neka update

Haven’t updated Neka’s status in a while, just been swamped with life.But I am ecstatic to say Neka is doing amazing.. yay!!

She is happy and still asymptomatic at her 14month post amputation, and 15 month since first suspicion dx.

Lets see not too much to report.  her unrelated ortho issue with her knees and that hip she fell on mid last year are holding up ok but I have slacked on getting her in swimming this winter to help strengthen them, I just try to decrease the stress on the joints limiting stairs and always helping her.. So preservation is the key. Ive been researching places that would suit her to swim, like proper pool entrance for her needs, clean, and someone who either understands a tripawd with ortho issues or is willing to listen to me. (of course, Im Lets see.. the only little thing nagging at me is she has a fibrotic cyst on her hind leg above the hock, and has grown (i feel significantly, vet says its ok), we’ve tried aspirating it about 3 months ago but nothing came out but its now about the size of a golf ball. I really want it removed, but my vet didn’t feel it necessary. On the other hand I don’t want to risk a surgery over a lump, yet I don’t want it to get big where it will affect her but she might not be able to physically do surgery then… these are the decisions that stress me out…but its nothing major..and so unrelated. I was worried about it being a mast cell tumor, but hard to tell, since no tests came up post or neg. Thats about it, kinda nice not to report too much.. just happiness and content!!

Ive attached her pics of this winter of 2014/2015.

This is how we have dealt with snow this winter.. by throwing ourselves right and and being grateful and blessed!!

Just wanted to give some hope and faith to inspire others. Though we had no guarantees of  how things were going to turn out.. the only control we had was to try and have faith!!

xmas 2014

Hi…mom just me and you for x-mas


xmas 2014... 12 months survival..Dear God..thank you!!

xmas 2014…
12 months survival..Dear God..thank you!!

lots, and lots of snow

lots, and lots of snow

its really deep kinda hard to walk in..ill just rest right here!!

its really deep kinda hard to walk in..ill just rest right here!!

did I mention.. i love snow!!

did I mention.. i love …love snow!!


aahh snoowww!!

aahh snoowww!!


I loovee snow!!!

I loovee snow!!!

~ by neka03 on March 7, 2015 .

3 Responses to “Inspire to have some faith..Neka update”

  1.   Mojo Says:

    Oh Hooray! Hooray! What wonderful news you bring. Huzzah for you guys and Neka!

  2.   ubermojo Says:

    Yay for winter too! This is very good news, thank you for sharing.

  3.   jerry Says:

    YESSSS! I have to admit I was a little hesitant to read your update because you know how it goes. But OH BOY I’m so glad I did and that life is GREAT! YESSSS!!!!!

    Here’s a post series we did about Rehab Therapy, you may find it helpful:

    Love those snow pics. Talk about knowing how to Be More Dog! You guys have it down. Keep it up!

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