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4 days post ECT

we are going well. Shes been walking way better/ pretty much normal/ the last couple of days, I have kept up with some tramadol just to be sure shes comfortable and not in any discomfort, which seemed to work great. Shes just tender in the direct area. The only thing that did happen, of course is out of the norm, is she had another odd accumulated swelling issue, and being the location the fluid drains down to the paw.. ugg. she doesnt seem to react any different just looks really swoll, similar to a lymphatic or lymphoma  leg. I emailed the onco from mizzou and she stated she wonders if its because that when she had the mass removed some blood routes got impinged and not allowing the area to drain properly after the ECT procedure. Made me a bit nervous as today it got even bigger. However she is walking/hoping ok and acting FULLY normal.. I took all my horse injury skills and my PT skill and did a bit of a compression wrap today for a couple hours and it totally helped(I do not suggest anyone do this unless your trained as you can cut off important blood supply and cause issues), which tells me its just still a bit angry and fluid should slowly drain away.Thank goodness she likes to sleep on her back, upside down its like keeping your feet up…lololol.. Feels like forever and initially it looks scary, but I have to remember its only been 4 days and shes fine, temp is normal, eating , drinking, pooping, personality, walking. All Good.  Love my warrior.. mann…love her!! thank you GOD for my girl!!

I ask all those who read this looking into the ECT, taking into consideration that she had a prior reaction after her surgery as well, so these things may be related as well. I almost don’t want to post pic to make anyone nervous, not because its horrible, but because its not a norm reaction for the ECT….Hmmm


more to come!!


3 days Post ECT...see Im all Good!!! Sniffing the air.. !!

3 days Post ECT…see Im all Good!!! Sniffing the air.. !!


~ by neka03 on August 2, 2015 .

3 Responses to “4 days post ECT”

  1.   jerry Says:

    All I see there is one big, pretty smile. Neka you are SO gorgeous! I’m sorry you had that reaction but really what a relief your Momma has such awesome skills. You guys make a great team, I know you’ll knock this reaction down in no time. Stay strong sweetheart and this treatment will be done with and behind you in no time. Thanks for sharing all of this, the good and not so good, it’s really insightful.

    Love you!

  2.   benny55 Says:

    Ues! Great team indeed! Agree with Jerry…sharing it ALL is very helpful to those investigating these options!

    So glad her behavior is all “normal” and she is her happy self!

    And that picture of Neka has me smiling right back at her!!

    Keep on keeping on Neka! We’re all cheering for you…a lot!!:-) 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too

  3.   Michelle Says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us. glad to hear she is doing great and “normal” as we can get on this journey. Don’t be afraid to post pictures. It may help someone and like you said just because Neka had this reaction doesn’t mean someone else will. Keep kicking butt Neka.

    Love the picture and the great big smile

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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