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Need some prayers…fast and strong… cant believe a 3rd cancer???

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Hello my friends, we are in need of strong, strong prayers.

Today we were driving with a friend, a friend that my girl loves, loves. My girl was get all worked up, which I contributed to being excited/anxious, a bit out of character as but she pulled it few times over the last month. Well then she all of a sudden about 20mn later started to hyperventilate  with vocalization with a breath out.. I looked at her and her eyes glazed over, Im like what is going on. Pulled over abruptly to the side of the road, got her out and let her stand and then lay down a bit in fresh air. Gave her about 10 mn and she seemed way better, I said to her seeee… don’t get so worked up. We got back into the car I decided to sit in the back with her which I never do, not since her amputation, because she a great travel dog, but figured I had a friend with me and clearly shes all excited over something. Got her back in the car and then all of a sudden her eyes dialated and her jaw locked she became extremely weak.. She started to tank, her breathing increased but with out opening her mouth to pant… OMG… we are in the middle of now where 1 hr from home and 1.5 hours from her emergency doctor… we google ANY vet, rush her there, he says her heart rate is slow and muffled, her gums  and tongue are NOW slight blue/ white..and getting whiter.. Im like does she need 02.. he said he though maybe she was bleeding somewhere or that she had a cardiac issue.. He gave her an injection of, I cant remember what to increase her heart rate, (this clinic was not equipt with much, very country, but GOD bless this guy for reacting quickly) We rushed her to specialty center at this point we didnt know if shed make it. Well what ever he gave her helped perk her up a bit more and she looked way better, still not right but better.

She gets to VSC and they are prompt in treating her, because now she was getting worse again, after all it was an hour plus drive….. results.. she had fluid build up in her pericardium (sac around the heart) and xrays of chest showed no mass growth in lungs or heart. but ultrasound showed a 2-5cm mass on the liver that is encapsulated in a fluid sac. All soooo shocking to me. She said her heart is strong, and theres no thickening and good beat… But theres a cancer called hemangiosarcoma that starts in the liver and mets to the heart….WHAAT.. even though no mass is seen in the heart theres no way to know for sure if its just small enough that it cant be seen but is bleeding out. because in the Ultrasound (US) there was so source of leakage from the heart, hence could be CA cells…

Needles to say.. I am devastated….. sooo devastated. My girls had to stay over night.. shes stable , perkier and walking again at the moment but the call as of 8:30pm is that there is a slight bit more fluid back in the pericardium but shes its not currently affecting her.

My options, surgery to remove the mass and possible splenectomy, because apparently it can cross to the spleen and its safer to just remove it if your already in there, and to have a pericardium window, where you put a small hole in the pericardium for the fluid to leak out on its own and get reabsorbed… These are sooo drastic… soo drastic…. Theres one herbal blood coagulator that can stop bleeding,, this may be our only hope they started it on her.. but we need some prayers…

IDK If I want to risk her in surgery because we dont know if its meted anywhere else and If i  had to open her up and find it everywhere. if its 2-5 cm thats kinda big and we clearly missed it…as far as the pericardium window, its done by accesses it between the ribs, but she says it might only buy me 6months.. Well weve beat odds before… I feel like a dumy for not staying on apocaps earlier….

can APOCAPS be given if there is microscopic bleeding from a hemangiosarcoma?.. I guess I better find out asap….

I just pray we can keep the heart thing at bay.. so I can bring her home and be together…. and when its time.. please dear GOD I pray for it to be natural and peaceful…. not from a procedure…..

Sorry we let everyone down.. we were  banging along.. I just posted a couple days ago how awesome we are doing!!

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~ by neka03 on December 4, 2015 .

17 Responses to “Need some prayers…fast and strong… cant believe a 3rd cancer???”

  1.   elizabeth Says:

    I am so so so sorry. Thank goodness you found a vet close by who was able to help. There are a few of us here who have dealt with hemangiosarcoma. It shows up out of no where. There is nothing you could have done to look for it or stop it. One of the things a few of us have used also is a Chinese medicine called Yunnan Baiyao. It helps control bleeding tumors. Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way.

    •   neka03 Says:

      thank you. Yes they started her on the Yunnan Baiyao today as well.. I just hope it kicks in before the pericardium refills.. please dear GOD..

  2.   benny55 Says:

    Okay, hope you don’t mind, I just copied the link to this vlog and put it u der “Ask A Vet”. I felt like that was the place ro get the fastest responses from people who may have insight. (Which I don’t).

    Right now, it sounds like she’s getting over this most recent hurdle for the time being. As much as you hate having her at the vets, there is no better place dor her to be right now.

    A D PLEASE,.PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT EVER SAY YOU ARE LETTING US DOWN…EVER AGAIN!!!! Neka is such a Beacon of Hope for anyone starting this journey! He’s quite the miracle dog around here! Neka IS a success story! She is an incredible tropper and has been and will continue to be victorious!!

    Try not to jump ahead. Let’s get her over this immediate hurdle and then you can focus on what treatment is best for her QUALITY. It may be that herbs and supplements are the way to go.

    This is a nasty a** piece of s**t disease and it makes it’s own vicious rules regardless of what we do or don’t do. The apocaps may nlt hurt to be on, but I am NO vet s d do get professional advice.

    Do not waste one second on wudda shudda. It takes away from the positive energy you need to stay in the moment with Neka. As you know, she’s not worrying about a thing and doesn’t care what any “medical reports” say.

    You have, and are continuing to, give her the best life possible full of so much loving and spoiling! She’s already experienced her first snowfall and, up to this challenge, has hsd the most miraculous life any dog could have. Whatever happens, Neka has NO regrets a d would not want you to have any either.

    Hang in there! Neka is a strong girl and thst matters!!

    Sending you so much love and all the positive energy of the Tripawd Universe.

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

    •   neka03 Says:

      Thank you… Its crazy how your brain and body go from 0-infinity in less than a microsecond…Its like I know what you are saying.. but the none brain part is …IDK.. I dont even have words.. and that is a rarity. Yup… leaning full natural too… I just want to make sure with the “bleeding” oozing of what ever (they don’t know yet) is ok.. I saw in other post the yunnan baiyao. they started her on that today too. Just want to make sure I can mix the two.. Thanks for copy pasting it… its like an impulsive reaction.. post and scream and pray… no thought needed..

  3.   dobemom Says:

    I am SO, SO sorry you are going through this; we had a recent health scare with Nitro where I was sure he had bladder cancer or kidney failure. I also called upon this great Tripawd Nation for prayers, and they were answered! Sally recently did the same thng when her fur kids went on an un-supervised adventure for a couple of days. Prayer is a powerful thing, and I am sending you many…please try to hang on, call the helpline, whatever it takes to help you cope. Keep us posted, we’re here for you.

    Paula and Nitro

  4.   benny55 Says:

    Glad Elizabeth mentioned the Yunnan. I do knkw that have DEFINITELY been good results with that.

    And trust us, we all know how scrambled your brain is right now. Whenever something out of the blue like this happens, our brains take us to the worst possible scenario and make us sick with worry, often times unfounded worry.

    I jad to chuckle mist a little. Even in your sheer state of panic, your humor showed up. “Post, scream, pray…no thought needed”! Well said!

    We’re all right here with you, okay? And we’re all cheering for Neka. Of course, she’s probably sleeping very well right now while you are wide awake! The bliss of being dog!

    Love and hugs……

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

    •   neka03 Says:

      thanks..the brain is so…really not always in our control..which is sooo annoying…. and yup wide awake.. just called again.. (of course)… and vitals are still all NORMAL…which is great.. they said she got a bit antsy and they took her out for a walk.. fed her some chicken flavored canned food.. last US was at 10pm and she said it was still just a tiny bit of fluid in the pericardium… so please.. please let it hold..

  5.   Susan Hammond Says:

    Th.inking of you. Had a scare with my Guinness and went full on panic mode. I hope you get lots of time with your sweet girl

  6.   jerry Says:

    Wow guys I’m so sorry, I can’t imagine how scary this is for all of you. We are really not sure what it could be but it sounds like she is going to fight hard right now, her eating is a GREAT sign! I wish I had some ideas but I don’t, but she is getting GREAT care and with the love and prayers of the Tripawds Nation anything is possible so stay strong oK? Keep us posted.

  7.   Codie Rae Says:

    OMD, I am so, so sorry you and Neka are going through this. Hemangio is a sneaky devil that just comes out of nowhere and blindsides you. Do you remember Wookie? His mom is a vet and she would do ultrasound on him on a regular basis and she still missed it! I have lost two of my dogs to hemangio so I have been where you are right now. I wish I had known of Yunnan Baiyao, I have read that it can have good results.

    The Oaktown Pack has all lucky 13 paws crossed and is sending Neka (and you!) lots of tripawd love and strength to get through this.

    Martha, Codie Rae, and the Oaktown Pack

  8.   mom2shelby Says:

    OMG … my heart broke reading this. My Shelby passed eventually from hemangiosarcoma. Like the others have said – this is a nasty little cancer that gives NO warning signs. Shelby did have her spleen removed for symptoms similar to yours which is how we discovered the cancer. We did start on chemo and the mushroom therapy. I would said eating is a VERY good sign and it sounds like you are in place to make some plans. Sending you prayers and love … all cancer is evil but this one hits so close to home. Much love,
    Alison with Spirit Shelby in her heart

    •   neka03 Says:

      remind me which mushrooms I know i read it in the book somewhere…did your guy have the pericardium blood fill issue too?

  9.   Michelle Says:

    I am so so sorry you are going through and so is Neka. This stupid effing disease. I hate is so much We have all our paws and finger & toes crossed here for you & Neka. Hemangio has taken a lot of our Warriors recently Bart & Charley and Jackson are just a few off the top of my head. It is sneaky and fast. 🙁 Prayers

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  10.   linda8115 Says:

    Prayers, prayers and more prayers coming Neka’s way! I have a friend that is using Yunnan and it is helping! Keep us posted!
    Linda & Max

  11.   harmony Says:

    Just now catching up on this and my heart is pounding out of my chest! Are there any updates on Neka? Holding you close to my heart.

    •   neka03 Says:

      shes actually doing ok, bounced back, just a bit tired, which duh I would expect, we drained blood from around her heart. But if you didnt know her, you would never have known I almost lost her only 3 days ago… geez…chilling and resting today, she even went to the barn with me in the AM just stopped and rested a bit more often.

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