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We are home after a LOONG 3 days. Weve been home for about 4 hours and she is doing ok. We did a sedative in the car with her pain meds, because this thing keeps happening from excitement.. uug..increase HR, increase BP, increase bleeding..IDK makes sense even though no one really said that. She ate for the doc prior to comming home and ate some at home tonight too. The chest tube only had like 4% RBC whihc is great, but still had about 14ML in 4hrs, I guess according to them thats not too significant, sounds it to me but prospectively its normal.   She is weak.. pretty weak, but I guess after 2 episodes then surgery its expected, she cant really get up on her own but once up, shes wants to move but needs extra support. Her gums still turn white from effort, IDK why that would still be happening the heart should be able to pump normal now since no fluid build up…the gum thing freaks me out now, because of it being a first sign… uug….She ate for them earlier in the day and ate for me a couple hours after I got home, about a cup of food.. Ill take it..

At the hospital they said she got really vocal and kept pushing herself off of the that sounded like my girl.. but groggy since I got her right after the meds… which TBH is fine.. let her sleep.. let me sleep….

Kinda worries me about her not getting up… shes never had that problem in any of the episodes or any other surgery.. hoping this thing was just alot harder… but Im not too crazy concerned just more of a uuhg.. aaaaw mann…plus her legs got really swollen from the positioning during surgery so hoping its all related.

Ok so as I wrote this, I paused to take her outside for first time since I was home, and ok scratch the above….lol… yet again… I carried her outside and she hopped right around to do her business, needed some support, but who cares…a bit weak getting to stand, but otherwise, I would say normal post procedure wobbly… amazing how in just a matter of minutes things can not only change for the bad, but also the good… (giggleing and shaking my head)……And yet again, fresh air does the body wonders, just wonders!! We forget about the power of earth and nature sometimes.

Guarded and praying things hold, but also happy and at peace for the moment!!

Warrior Neka & her mom.


~ by neka03 on December 13, 2015 .

7 Responses to “Home…”

  1.   kazann Says:

    I’ve followed your recent challenges (I’m not sure what to call it). You must be exhausted.

    I agree about the healing power of nature. After the stitches were removed my cat spent the whole day outside under a bush beside a stream. She only came in to eat and when it got dark. She was so happy. I hope your Neka can gain more strength from sleeping in the fresh air and sunshine.

    Much rest and peace to you and your Warrior.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  2.   dobemom Says:

    Dear Warrior Neka and mom….we continue our prayers for you guys. Even though she is beyond strong, you gotta think it’s normal for her to be a little weak and unsteady at this point. You are so right – take joy in every moment she’s happy and peaceful. We’re sending our most positve tripawd vibes.

    Paula and Nitro

  3.   thebwuders Says:

    Praying for you and Warrior Neka!

  4.   benny55 Says:

    You and Neka have really been through some rough, very rough days. And here you are, eka is HOME and doing better, slowly but surely!

    Yes, fresh air, along with exquisite care and loving adn spoiling from her Mom does a body wonders!!

    Soak up these special times and let NOTHING interfere with you two being together! NOW is all that matters in Neka’s world and it sounds like NOW is a pretty stable place ro be!!

    Tha ks so much for taking the time to update with so much going on. I’ve been checking and hoping for good news. It was worth the wait!

    Hugs and love and hugs and love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  5.   jerry Says:

    Yay Neka! Hope that with each new day this week you are getting stronger and stronger. Heal up my friend, you still have lots of lovin & livin to do. We love you!

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