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just thought we’d say Hi!!

no xmas pics yet…lol.. but just wanted to say Hi to everyone!

mom took my stitches out xmas eve from my thorascopic procedure.. and the irony is 2 years ago to same date;  I had my amputation stitches removed.. very, very freaky.. but grateful as well..this pic was clearly before our midwest ice storm:)

watching nature in the sun in december.

watching nature in the sun in december. 12-20-15 rocking the shirt because my whole chest and belly is stark naked down to my



Hey mom… what-cha doin? 12-27-15 upside down stuck up ear..lolol

~ by neka03 on December 29, 2015 .

3 Responses to “just thought we’d say Hi!!”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    Soooooo good to see Neka looking sooooooo good!!! 🙂

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures!! 🙂

    Getting those stitches out is a wonderful Christmas present. And it is weird that the amputation stitches were also removed on Christmas Eve two years ago.

    Everybody looks comfy and happy and enjoying just “being”! Loving and spoiling is heathy for everybody!

    Cheering for you Neka!

    Much love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2.   Paula Ehlers Says:

    So glad you stopped to say ‘hi’..we’ve been thinking about you. You both look so happy – it does a heart good. We also got socked by the snow – 13 inches in one night! NItro is enjoying it way more than we are! Hoppy holidays!

    Paula and Nitro

  3.   jerry Says:

    Woooah that is weird that you got both sets of stitches out on the same day! But hey getting your stitches out is real pawgress and to that my pretty Tripawd girl, we salute you!

    I’m just so glad to see you looking as beautiful and content as ever. Those photos are GREAT! May the coming year bring you good health and hoppiness to you and your pack. Hoppy 2016!

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