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I’m kinda amazing!!….. thats all!!

Those that have been following us.. know why I’m amazing!! not that I need a reason or anything.









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~ by neka03 on January 25, 2016 .

8 Responses to “I’m kinda amazing!!….. thats all!!”

  1.   benny55 Says:

    You ARE amazing Neka! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! And soo happy!!

    These pictures are the best update ever! Neka enjoying being Neka! Beautiful, just beautiful.

    And that photo of you in the snow..OMD! You are so full of joy! Your paws have snow on them, your muzzle is sprinkled with snow from rubbing your face it…this is the definition of BLISS!!

    I’m so glad to see Neka’s blog tonight. I’m smiling….a really big smile!!

    Lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    •   neka03 Says:

      thank you… I had a really funny video too.. but I cant get it loaded (file too large) to email to upload… stupid technology.

  2.   Paula Ehlers Says:

    Glad you know this Neka…..we think so too! Your story has inspired me to hava a new attitude and be so grateful that Nitro is doing so well; his incontinence issues are so small in the grand scheme of things that I’ve decided not to waste one more nano-second dwelling on it. Thank you for this! and thank you for being you! You will always have a special place in my heart.

    Paula and Nitro

    •   neka03 Says:

      aww thank you.. hopeing to spread.. happy and joy!!
      Just a thought as well.. did you ever think of using a unmentionable cover for your boy (bloomers for a girl)… (lol) they work great and allow neither you nor him to be worried about leakiness. I used some once for a dog I rescued and it was soo helpful.

  3.   molliemoo Says:

    Neka you are so beautiful!! I just love all your pictures (especially the ones in the snow). Keep enjoying life to the fullest! Can’t wait to see some more pics :))

    Love~ Miss Mollie Moo and family

  4.   jerry Says:

    You are indeed amazing and gorgeous and spunky and everything that we hope our Tripawd heroes can continue to be Neka! You fly our flag proud and we are in awe with each beautiful day you grace our community with your awesomeness! I

    just get so happy whenever I hear that life is good and your fightin’ spirit is strong as ever. PAWESOME!!!

  5.   Michelle Says:

    You are amazing. I am glad you are doing well. We continue to pull for you.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

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