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Kinda frustrated…

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So I started out writing a very, very, very log post.. regarding my not so impressive consult with an onco that I only saw a couple of times.. But i decided not to and deleted the whole thing, so to just sum it up to say.. Do not settle!!. There is a balance with not liking what you hear even though you need to hear it and also not getting the innovation and direction we all deserve, in EVERY situation, which should always be individualized.   I was  only looking for ways to control the situation at hand while she remains herself. Clearly we missed the mark somewhere.


1)I miss my old onco who moved back to canada,

2) not everyone is as positive and insightful with passion and innovative as Dr Sue… lol.. never met her but her passion resonates through everything I read of hers, even if its sad situation. Because Yes, In cancer we have lots of negatives/ sad situations.

3)note to vets, get to know your owners, understand their background, yes you are an animal MD, but please get to know the pet guardians, this will help to keep open communication

NE way!!.. thats, that….in the meantime..looking into cryosurgery/therapy to possible assist us if needed. Again, on my own!! wheres our advocates. Hoping I can find something.

Heres some spring pics today…





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~ by neka03 on March 8, 2016 .

8 Responses to “Kinda frustrated…”

  1.   Michelle Says:

    I understand your frustration. She looks good and as long as there is quality that is all that matters. 🙂
    Keep kicking butt Neka and defying odds

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2.   benny55 Says:

    Yoir frustration and stress level avput this whole situation with the Onco came through loud and clear. I think we could all “feel” it through the screen….UNTIL…we scrolled down and saw Neko’s pictures! BAM!! Instant calmness as you see how happy Neka is, how carefree and joyful being outside on a nice Spring day!

    Some in the medical field (human or animals) think they are “above” others and act accordingly. Some are well aware they don’t know everything and are very open to a two way dialogue with their customers. But the ones who have empathy, compassion and good listening skills are the “top of their class” in my opinion.

    You are such an outstanding advocate for Neka, absolutely outstanding! Wish I knew how to help in the research end. All I can offer is our motto here: Be More Dog. Let NOTHING come between you and Neka and the bliss of being in the moment. Set aside “x” amount of time for research each day and stick to it. The rest of the time is blocked off for being completely immersed in everything Neka!

    Really hoping the right information, the right team of vets, will come to you with support and knowledge and understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.

    Sending lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS. Just scrolled up again to look at her photos (for the third time). She is such a good looking girl and so happy! She wears her booties cuter than any dog Ive seen!

    •   neka03 Says:

      thank you.. Yeah.. im not really stressed… TBH.. just more disappointed and annoyed..And my intent was not to bash,I know these vets do ALOT. Im sure this specific person has helped alot of animals, its just IDK, maybe I did not explain myself very well… Just because she kept giving me the definition of HSA and telling me what will happen, she consulted with me when I had her pericardial window put in, so Id think, that yeah.. I kind of understand what she has. I only wanted to have some options for the mouth mass to control it as she is still living life.. she made it seem like I was trying to like cure her… what ever.. whats done is done… im too tired to put more energy and thought into that conversation.. Ill do what I had planned just maintaining it the best I can, while shes still Neka.. and yup.. lots of outside fun in the sun and wind today!!

  3.   mom2shelby Says:

    I get it …. all of it! But she looks great! And she’s living life and being a dog and that is all we could ever want for our babies …. Neka is a miracle every day that she’s here and lets us LOVE her!!!! Enjoy spring!
    alison with spirit shelby in her heart

    •   neka03 Says:

      thanks.. yup… totally… we had outdoor sunbathing today.:) the rest of the week was rain.. so I played hooky..

  4.   benny55 Says:

    I did some googling. See if you have any Animal Dental Surgeons/Specialist in your area. Sounds like they specialize in cyrosurgery. Seems like it’s a possibility.

    You are doing everything possible to ensure Neka’s quality, that’s for sure! Everyone here gets that. I really hope you can connect with someone who understands you are just trying to cover ALL yiur bases so Neka can keep being Neka! And Neka knows that!!

  5.   dobemom Says:

    Hear you loud and clear about how specialists can act/come across. I hate that you’re battling this without a sympathetic vet on your side. You can be both realistic AND optomistic – they are not mutually exclusive. Neka’s pics prove she is living for today, and is so happy!

    Paula and Ntiro

    •   neka03 Says:

      dobemom.. yes.. you completely nailed it.. I think thats all I was trying to present… thanks…

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