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Need some prayers…fast and strong… cant believe a 3rd cancer???

• December 4, 2015

Hello my friends, we are in need of strong, strong prayers. Today we were driving with a friend, a friend that my girl loves, loves. My girl was get all worked up, which I contributed to being excited/anxious, a bit out of character as but she pulled it few times over the last month. Well […]

2yrs and going strong..HOPE-FAITH-LOVE

• December 2, 2015

Hello my friends its been a while. My mom has been super busy.. but don’t be mistaken, never too busy for me. I am feeling blessed, I am 2 yrs post OSA dx and 2 yrs since my amputation on the 10th of this month, but I couldn’t wait, I wanted to share with everybody […]

21month post OSA update.

• September 21, 2015

Hello, so its been a while because my moms been working so much, but always makes time for me:) So I thought I post and update on my happy hoppy life. If your interested in my ECT (electrochemotherapy)results, she will update a full timeline for that hopefully sometime soon too, some of the pics got […]

11 days post ECT…just fun today!!

• August 9, 2015

Hello my fellow fur friends. Sorry so long between updates. Im doing awesome. I had some fun in the sun at a friends house today, clearly!! Today I will just attach my fun day and I will add pics later on the documented changes in my leg.. (sorry if you were expecting them here) Say […]

4 days post ECT

• August 2, 2015

we are going well. Shes been walking way better/ pretty much normal/ the last couple of days, I have kept up with some tramadol just to be sure shes comfortable and not in any discomfort, which seemed to work great. Shes just tender in the direct area. The only thing that did happen, of course […]

Electrochemotherapy (ECT) for STS journey -same day & day 1 post op

• July 30, 2015

So, after being diagnosed with a 2nd kind of cancer in addition to OSA and amputation of front R-Leg, In April of 2015 I had a mass removed from my back Left Leg. I was offered these options. definite radiation, pallative radation, or metronomic chemotherapy. After much research and consultation, I determined, pallative had too […]

Happy 4th & Happy 12th B-day!! pics of love.

• July 5, 2015

My mom took me to a veterans fundraiser car show in town, and this super nice man asked me to sit in his car to take a picture. So here I am in this 67 mustang!! Plus it was my birthday, I turned 12yr and you cant even tell. ¬†For inspiration to others I even […]

interesting info+update pics

• June 15, 2015

well last week was interesting for me and my mom she took me on a long drive again down to the U of I for another consultation, ever since my new STS that got diagnosed my mom has been all crazy again. All her late night researching. I just nap and cuddle next to her, […]

pics for fun 2015

• May 13, 2015


Challenged yet again.but continuing our fight

• May 12, 2015

So after being completely overwhelmed the last few weeks. Neka had her surgery for her “lipoma’ removed on 4-6-15, pathology came in about a week later. And to my disturbed response it was a high grade soft tissue sarcoma, with lateral clean margins but not clean deep margins. For those of you that dont know, […]